KnitNet designer registry

Welcome! KnitNet's designer registry is designed to make it easy for our editors to communicate with you. If we've published your patterns or you'd like to submit patterns in the future, please register.

You'll receive regular updates on our themes and requirements for KnitNet.

This information WILL NOT appear in the magazine; it's an internal database for our exclusive use. We won't be sharing your data with anyone!

    With this system you can
    • Add - add your information to the online registry
    • Edit - view and edit your information. You will need your username and password
    • Retrieve your password - if you lose the username and password, you can have them emailed to the email address in your record
    • Remove - delete your record if you want

    Please use the buttons at the top of the page to add your listing, change it (edit), recover or change your password or delete your listing (remove).