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Here are some steps you can take.

First, did you receive a username and password by email after you subscribed and completed the credit card transaction? If you did not, it is possible that you did not click on the "Confirm" button. In that case, it will be necessary for us to manually enter your information. We are working as fast as we can, but your subscription may not be activated for several days. You will be emailed your username and password as soon as possible.

Second, if you did received a username and password, please be sure that you are entering them correctly. The correct capital letters and "dots" are necessary. You can copy and paste them from the email confirmation you received for accuracy. Try to login again.

Third, if you are still having problems with your username and password, you can have your login information emailed to you. This will confirm that you have the correct username and password. You must enter the email address with which you registered or this system won't work!

Fourth, if you are still having problems and you are sure you have the correct username and password, try this one last thing. Clear the browser cache, delete all the temporary Internet files, set your browser to check for a newer version of stored pages "Every visit to the page" and try to login again.

Finally, if you are still having problems after all that, you are probably getting pretty frustrated. Email Subscriber Services describing the problem you are having in detail. Please quote the Sales Order Number from your email receipt, so that we can find your records quickly, and indicate the email address with which you subscribed. We will sort it out as quickly as possible.

Send email to subscriberservices@knitnet.com.

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